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Garage Floor Coatings is our focus and many of the projects we do are rarely the same and therefor there is no one-size-fits-all solution we can offer. Your needs are often unique and require our experts to bring many different products and install options to the table so you can make the most informed decision for your garage floor.


The options around different install technique and products can be numerous, yet below are a few “install systems” that make up the vast majority of what customers who come to Good Garage Floors are looking for: Flake, Quartz and Dual Coat Systems.


Flake System

A very versatile, durable and decorative solution and the most popular system we offer. Your standard Flake System is a 3-Layer install process made up of a Basecoat/Primer, Vinyl Flake and Topcoat.
Unlike more conventional floor coating options, Flake is available in a wide range of colors, sizes, styles and blends that can be custom designed to accent, balance, complement, and influence any décor.
It is a great option for almost any environment and space. So you can get exactly what you want, we offer hundreds of color, blend and size options for you to choose from rather than just a select handful.
Contact us and we will send you a digital catalog showing different Flake options, product (poly coats) information, and key features.


Quartz System

Featuring five layers designed to contribute to the coatings overall strength and aesthetic appeal, Quartz if a clear choice for customers who want a concrete coating option that will stand the test of time no matter what.
This 5-Layer install process includes a Basecoat, Quartz blend, Binder Coat, Quartz blend, and Topcoat. With numerous color and blend options, it is the optimal solution for the most extreme surface environments when both design and functionality are wanting to be optimized.
Similar to Flake, contact us and we will send you a digital catalog for Quartz and all the information you need.


Dual Coat System

This system is ideal as a budget-minded option where customers are more focused on function and protection rather than style.
This 2-Layer install process includes a Pigment Primer Coat and a Clear/Color Topcoat.
We often recommend this system to customers considering DIY options but want proper surface preparation, high-quality professional-grade products, and experienced installation.
This option provides customers a professional level surface preparation (and repair) and a professional-grade product that will cost less than if a customer is looking to pay for the materials and tools/equipment to properly attempt a DIY.

Other install systems include Metallic, Two Coat, Moisture Barrier Block, Stain, Seal, Densifier, MicaFlakes, MarbleFlake, TerrazzoFlake, StoneFlake, GlitterFlake, and WoodChips. 

Contact us regarding any time to see which options might be the best solution for your specific needs and budget.